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Jul. 17th, 2012

Long time

It's been a while and I also have a new livejournal, peregrinate123 for those of you who would like to add me.

Things have changed lots, I'm much happier and I have a beautiful new family member I finally got a dog. That's about the biggest thing that's happened to me this year, oh and moving to Brisbane!! I now have a social life :)

Mushyyy :) <3

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Nov. 11th, 2011


I got back from Cairns today and then went shopping which was a failed mission. I am going to have to go tomorrow to shop after my meeting with the RSPCA.

I had a wonderful evening with a very interesting boy. We had dinner in the botanical gardens on a picnic rug, he made a delicious dinner and I bought mulberry pies. We then climbed a tree, although I am completely scared of heights but it was still fun. We sat up in the tree and talked for an hour or so, then went for this huge walk around the gardens and sat and watched the river. It was beautiful. He was just so grounded and a calming person, someone I need to have in my life right now, I think I met him for a reason, but right now I don't know what that is. He told me amazing stories of random adventures and people, it was really nice.

Time for me to go to bed now, meeting tomorrow with RSPCA then home to mark exams. This weekend I am going to do gardening!

I am optimistic about the future and where i am going, i hope this phd issue gets sorted. i need to start for my sanity....get it finished!

Nov. 2nd, 2011


I'm trying to make all these changes in my life in an attempt to make myself feel better. I don't even know how I will feel better in some way? what is wrong with me...It is really hard to pinpoint. I don't know if it is a lack of direction, lack of self worth or what.

I wake up every day wishing I was someone else just for one day. I do realise I am pretty lucky and have a job and lovely friends etc but I cant help but wish I was someone else. I feel very alone at the moment, like I am in a pit of dispair trying to climb up without a hand to help me out. I pretend to be happy in front of people all the time, some of it is real because I have moments where I feel really happy. I think most of the sadness happens when I am alone and I have been trying to avoid being alone for that very reason.

I'll be ok though, I know this wont last forever. I just need to get through this and change all those things about myself I really hate.

Aug. 8th, 2011

vs Facebook

I was just thinking how nice it is to actually go back to livejournal and look at how better it is to read actual journal entries, not just a sentence or a "like".

Substance is lacking there

Apr. 13th, 2011

question for all the americans out there

those people that are shacked up in America.

Anyone know where to purchase powdered nacho cheese? the old el passo stuff???

Feb. 12th, 2011

(no subject)

FkThought it was about time I made another post. Things for me have been interesting the past few weeks. I've had lots of time to reflect on life. I'm still in the torres strait, I've been on coconut island trapping and radiotracking black rats an introduced rat. Been doing a fait bit of fishing and snorking.

My computer died again. This happened last time I was up here.

Still working through mental scars from my last relationship. I struggle someimes with fear of rejection and not being good enough. It's funny though regarding boys, something may be good and could get better and it may have been hiding there for a long time. I guess ill just have to see where it goes. I'm happy though which is the main thing.

Tomorrow is another day and may hold something that may change my life.

Jan. 12th, 2011

(no subject)

good news my horse is ok, one of my friends made it to her paddock today with carrots....

I'm so grateful my horses paddock was not in the direct firing line.

Jan. 11th, 2011

(no subject)

Just thought i should let everyone know im safe

yes i live in Gatton where all the flooding is..

Horse may not be ok though, im away and noone else can get to her paddock as too much flood waters, have to play the waiting game.

Oct. 12th, 2010


ah relaxation what the hell is that exactly?

Even though honours is done I seem to be so damn busy that I have no time for myself. I guess I just make myself busy with everything going on around me. This week I have a glider workshop to present and am probably running a wildlife necropsy workshop (if ethics comes through in time). Working, marking lots of prac books, there are about 100 external students that need to be marked...CRAZY

I wrote a job application this weekend for a terrestrial fauna ecologist position at my work. So I hope I get an interview and get a job. One of the directors asked my boss to get me to apply so fingers crossed. If I get an interview I would need to talk to them about potentially doing it part time or something so I can continue to study and get my PhD going. Phd ideas are out there too, we have two potential ideas right now but not sure about funding etc. I may study species in new guinea or look at the fate of animals from habitat clearing.

Last week I also got some good news. The prof that marked my thesis approached my supervisor about talking to the RSPCA about maybe getting funding to do some further welfare research. He was meeting with a research rep the following day so cant wait to find out about that. I think he thought my honours research was quite interesting which is good. I worked really hard on it.

Torres Strait trip is coming up soon to do more rodent work and we should have more time this time to go fishing and snorkeling!

Apart from that nothing else is happening apart from me being a crazy girl and trying to identify frog calls and other random things in my "spare" time hahaha

Apr. 26th, 2010


I have decided its about time i learn to sail

I'm so bloody lucky, my dad owns a 42 foot yacht which he has been giving me lessons on. My mothers partner does volunteer work at a yacht club so he is offering to teach me some stuff for free in the dingys. I think they are pacers.

I grew up around sail boats, my father has always been an avid sailor and really pushed learning to sail onto us as kids, we were sent to sailing school etc etc. I was never that keen but something has just clicked in me and I am so keen to learn right now!!!!!! My dad is such a good sailor that he has taught olympic sailing...yeah I'm sooo bloody lucky and spoilt. He called me yesterday morning to see if i wanted to go sailing and i jumped at the chance. You can tell he is so stoked that his daughter is finally showing some interest.

I love my dad, its good to also spend time with him out there on the bay.

He loves to get some speed up and burn off other boats, pretty funny really :) he is so competitive!

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